NOLA wedding weekend

This past weekend (February 19-21) Tyler and I had the pleasure of flying down to New Orleans for my cousin Clay’s wedding. It was so much fun! We stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel which was awesome. Their lobby is beautiful and the Sazerac bar is located inside the hotel (where Heather asked me to be her bridesmaid!!!), as well as one of Chef John Besh’s restaurants, Domenica. The weather was amazing so we lounged at the rooftop pool and Tyler swam (unfortunately I forgot a swimsuit). As soon as we got there we headed to R’evolution, one of Chef John Folse’s restaurants, for a late lunch and drinks. I had some of the best gumbo of my life and Tyler ordered some fancy turtle soup. Of course we took our drinks to go!

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Valentine’s Weekend 2016

Tyler & I enjoyed our 3rd Valentine’s day together this year! It’s so crazy that we have been together for almost 3 years now! Time has seriously flown by. Tyler recently turned 23 years old, I will turn 23 in May, Waldo turns 3 in June, and Tyler and I’s 3rd anniversary is in June also! A lot of 3’s! When I was talking to Tyler the other day, we realized that this will be our 4th summer together (we already have a lot planned). To me, the seasons are a much better way of measuring time rather than months and years.
This weekend was so romantic and chill, even though at one point we had 3 dogs in our little home haha (dog sitting for co-workers). On Saturday, we went on a trail (interval) run which was super fun! We went to a loop trail in North Boulder, almost to Lyons, that was about 3 miles. The trail was a bit muddy but still awesome and great for running because there weren’t a bunch of rocks everywhere and it was a relatively smooth grade. Trail running is way more challenging than regular running! I haven’t been on a run in a long time so it was good to get some cardio in. My abs and legs were actually sore the next day! I’m also about mid way through my squat challenge which is kicking my ass, literally and figuratively! Tyler has certainly noticed &┬áappreciated the results ­čÖé On Saturday night, we made the most amazing paleo pressure cooked lemongrass & coconut chicken served over cauliflower rice! I usually am not a big fan of chicken, it’s so boring, but this was so incredible! It tasted almost like green curry and the chicken was falling off the bone (thank you instant pot). Of course we also watched Twin Peaks on Saturday night because it’s the best.


my man carrying firewood

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Enlightenment via Adventure

I had the amazing opportunity to write an article/blog post for enlighzen, an outdoor/zen themed website that features guest bloggers! Definitely go check out their website and Instagram. Here is the link to “Enlightenment via Adventure”

Hope y’all enjoy it! I would appreciate any feedback so feel free to comment below. This is a picture from Isabelle Lake when the wildflowers were in full bloom! 

shralpin’ adventures´╗┐ thus far

Tyler and I have been loving shredding it up in the mountains this season (2015-2016) so far!! We have been getting really great snow all over Colorado (recently a snow day in Boulder thanks to 17′). We have epic local passes which is unlimited at Araphaoe Basin, Keystone, and Breckenridge with 10 blackout days at Vail and/or Beaver Creek. So far we have made it to 3/5 mountains on our passes!! We have been to Keystone, Breckenridge, and Vail. Vail and Breck are our favorites because of the amount of trails and the wonderful fresh powwww! Our goal is to make it to all 5 mountains though so we will hit Beaver Creek soon and Arapahoe Basin later in the season since it’s best known for it’s late season and it’s famous water puddle. We have both progressed a lot as riders since learning to snowboard last season. One thing I do miss about skiing though is the fluidity of it (not strapping/unstrapping bindings every time and having poles for the cat tracks- CRUCIAL). There is certainly no feeling quite like surfing the Earth carving down the side of a mountain in wonderful powder! The back bowls at Vail were INCREDIBLE even though one of Tyler’s bindings broke about 3/4 of the way down China bowl. It’s so fun going deep into the mountains taking multiple lifts and getting really far out to find fresh tracks. Here are some pics of our season thus far!



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