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I don’t like the word diet or even the concept of it really. However, at the start of 2016, Tyler and I both made a serious commitment to our health. That meant cleaning up our diet, purging our kitchen, and working out more. Plus, we are going to the beach at the end of March so we wanted to drop some lbs and get fit. We set our own personal health & fitness goals and started with a super low carb diet, high in fat & protein. Initially, we cut out the hard stuff, all sugars (aka crack cocaine) & grains. We both lost weight and decided after about one month to transition to a paleo lifestyle, further cutting out dairy & soy. We realized that by going paleo we would actually diversify our diet and feel less deprived by making a lifestyle change, even though there are seemingly more limitations. I’m big on eating our ancestral diet and consuming local, heirloom foods. Our bodies have not adapted at the rate of modern technology and food production so it’s important to feed ourselves real, whole foods. We are both thriving and feel more energized than ever eating paleo!!

homemade vanilla bean almond milk
We homemake almost everything we consume because we can truly make it the best!! Everything tastes better homemade and that’s no lie. It’s more time consuming but eating clean and delicious food is a priority so we make time. When people say they don’t have enough time, they really mean it’s not a priority. We are extremely lucky to have access to so much wonderful, local food here in Boulder. We get tons of fresh, local produce seasonally. Almost all of our meats that we consume are local grass-fed (beef & lamb) and local berkshire pork. I’m SOO grateful for the availability & abundance of local food. I just can’t wait until we can have our own chickens one day! Personally, derailing is not worth it to me at all when there are so many great paleo options. If I am really craving a chocolate chip cookie or brownie, I can make an equally, if not more, delicious paleo treat. Below are pictures of some of our homemade paleo creations and meals! Feel free to drop a comment or reach out if you want a recipe.

homemade paleo siracha aka nectar of the gods

our beloved cast iron collection of some lodges & antique wagner’s
kitchen items we could not live without:

  • food processor
  • instant pot
  • nut bags for making nut milks
  • mason jars of all sizes
  • cast iron skillets & dutch ovens
  • meat smoker
  • tea kettle
  • spiralizer
  • blender

paleo staples:

  • coconut everything! coconut milk, cream, oil, vinegar, aminos, flour, etc.
  • homemade nut milks (vanilla almond is my favorite)
  • ghee (clarified grass-fed butter)
  • cashew & nutritional yeast based ‘cheese’ sauce & ‘parmesan’ (Tyler makes the best)
  • pink himalayan salt (it’s basically my sugar now)
  • red & black hawaiian sea salts
  • fresh herbs
  • pressure cooked bone broth
  • coffee & loose teas
  • berkshire lard & grass-fed tallow
  • avocados & avocado oil
  • homemade paleo siracha
  • cracklins/pork rinds (homemade are the best as always)
  • berkshire pork
  • grass-fed, local beef & lamb
  • nut butters (peanut, almond, cashew, pistachio, etc.)

hawaiian handrolls: pressure cooked pulled kalua pork, coconut cauliflower rice, cilantro, avocado, pineapple, red hawaiian sea salt & black hawaiian sea salt wrapped in nori w/ paleo siracha (side of braised cabbage not pictured)


pressure cooked mocha rubbed pot roast over sweet potato ‘noodles’ (to die for!!!)

moo goo gai pan chicken with bamboo shoots, straw & shitake mushrooms, homemade smoked oyster sauce served with cauliflower rice & cilantro

the best breakfast casserole ever!! eggs, sweet potato, berkshire pork sausage, spinach & onion

grass-fed ghee

pressure cooked lemongrass coconut chicken served with cauliflower rice, lime & cilantro

vietnamese butter lettuce cups filled with ground grass-fed beef & ground local berkshire pork w/ cilantro, basil, green onions, ginger, garlic, fish sauce, coconut aminos, and lime

local berkshire pig skins for homemade cracklins!

pulled pork with fajita veggies, cilantro, avocado & dairy-free/vegan ‘cheese’ served with our homemade cracklins & paleo siracha

farmacy- chicken & vegetable soup in rich bone broth and hot throat coat tea with local honey & lemon

zoodles & meat sauce with rao’s topped with dairy-free ‘parmesan’

mardi gras colored cauliflowers
Going paleo has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Food is medicine and cooking healthy, fresh, local food is one of my greatest passions! I feel more in touch with my body and the food I fuel it with than ever. By getting rid of sugar, grains, dairy, soy & ALL processed foods, I am eating way more nutrient dense meals which is way more satisfying!

Tyler and I plan to experiment with fermentation soon so I’m super stoked about that. We are probably going to attempt kimchi and/or sauerkraut first and branch off from there! We have experimented with yeast fermentation with our sourdough starter (now fed einkorn- the oldest grain-we keep it alive but do not use it anymore) so we are excited to ferment paleo friendly foods! I will definitely do more paleo blog posts in the future so stay tuned.

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