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Sourdough Einkorn Country Loaf

So you may be wondering why we are doing a post on making a sourdough boule considering grains are not paleo and we mostly eat a paleo diet. This particular grain, einkorn, is exceptional because it is over 10,000 years old (some think it’s even older). Einkorn is the only non-hybridized wheat so it is truly an ancestral food. Unlike modern/conventional wheat, einkorn is high in protein and fats, with a low glycemic index. We freshly mill our whole, organic einkorn berries in our Vitamix and then we ferment it with wild Boulder yeast. We prefer to mill the whole berries so it keeps the whole bran and wheat germ oil intact. Since we ferment before baking, this bread contains many prebiotics, metabiotics, and lactobacilli spores which basically act as probiotics in our gut. The sourdough product is lower in the naturally occurring wheat starches and sugars The final product is super protein and nutrient dense and has little gluten. It’s seriously the most filling, delicious bread that gives us lots of energy!


organic whole einkorn berries from Italy ready to be milled

our sourdough starters!

We currently have two sourdough starters; Boulder and San Francisco. We started our Boulder sourdough by capturing wild yeast in the air. We mixed einkorn flour with water in an open mason jar by an open window overnight. This allow the wild yeast to colonize and then we kept feeding it with more flour and water until it became a sourdough starter (thick pancake batter consistency). If anyone is interested in some sourdough starter, please comment below or email us and we will send you some in the mail or if you would like this recipe! It’s a complex process that takes patience to master but we have really been enjoying this healthy grain in our diet.

milling the whole einkorn berries in our Vitamix

Milling the whole einkorn berries in our Vitamix.

sifting the milled flour

Sifting the milled flour.

shaped dough

Shaping dough.


I find that a 4 quart dutch oven works best for this size loaf (8 inch).


Fresh out of the oven.


That’s what I am talking about!


As you can see, the result is a perfectly chewy and crackily country loaf that has an extremely complex flavor.

Our favorite, and cheapest source of organic einkorn wheat berries: Jovial Einkorn Wheat Berries 160 Oz (10 Lb)


  1. Yes this looks so delicious!! Love the idea of ancestral wheat (we’ve been talking about brewing with it at Upslope for awhile, but hard to find in a reasonable quantity). What a cool recipe, I love it!

    Also, consider capturing some wild yeast from some of those 100+ year old apple trees on the hill. Could be spectacular.

    1. Thanks Nate!! That would be so awesome to brew with ancestral wheat! It’s definitely more expensive and harder to find in large quantities. You can actually get 500+ lbs. buckets of organic einkorn berries here:

      Great idea on the wild yeast from apple trees, going to my next project! If you ever want any sourdough starter, let me know and I can give you some!

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