shralpin’ adventures thus far

Tyler and I have been loving shredding it up in the mountains this season (2015-2016) so far!! We have been getting really great snow all over Colorado (recently a snow day in Boulder thanks to 17′). We have epic local passes which is unlimited at Araphaoe Basin, Keystone, and Breckenridge with 10 blackout days at Vail and/or Beaver Creek. So far we have made it to 3/5 mountains on our passes!! We have been to Keystone, Breckenridge, and Vail. Vail and Breck are our favorites because of the amount of trails and the wonderful fresh powwww! Our goal is to make it to all 5 mountains though so we will hit Beaver Creek soon and Arapahoe Basin later in the season since it’s best known for it’s late season and it’s famous water puddle. We have both progressed a lot as riders since learning to snowboard last season. One thing I do miss about skiing though is the fluidity of it (not strapping/unstrapping bindings every time and having poles for the cat tracks- CRUCIAL). There is certainly no feeling quite like surfing the Earth carving down the side of a mountain in wonderful powder! The back bowls at Vail were INCREDIBLE even though one of Tyler’s bindings broke about 3/4 of the way down China bowl. It’s so fun going deep into the mountains taking multiple lifts and getting really far out to find fresh tracks. Here are some pics of our season thus far!



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Portland, Oregon Trip

Tyler and I went to Portland, Oregon the week before Thanksgiving so I thought I would share some pictures and memories. It was our first trip to Oregon, and our first trip to the West Coast together! We met his mother and her husband out there to attend a family wedding! Of course, we got in some adventures too 🙂 It was an abnormally sunny weekend for November in Portland, we were not complaining!! On the last day we did get a taste of the wet fog. I absolutely adore humidity, it makes my skin and everything feel so great, even if it’s a bit chillier. The first day we were there we went to the Columbia River Gorge. Let me tell you, it is stunning and amazing! Everything is so lush and green and mossy, even in November! We first went to the Vista House to get a great view of the river and gorge, it was so windy, my hair was going all over the place lol. Then we hit Latourell Falls, Multnomah Falls, and Horsetail Falls. Oregon is a waterfall paradise! I’ve been wanting to go to Multnomah Falls for a long time and I’ve seen so many pictures. Pictures do not do it justice. It is literally breathtaking and SO HUGE. It’s the second tallest waterfall in North America and it flows (strong) year round. It’s a two tiered waterfall and has that iconic bridge that’s so gorgeous. Saturday, our second day there, was the day of the wedding. We got coffee and went around town before the wedding. Oh, we also went to the original “original” Pancake house. So so delicious! The wedding was in a cool area of east Portland and was super fun. Tyler and I clean up pretty nicely, if I do say so myself. On Sunday, our last full day there, we had brunch and went to Mt. Hood!! I was totally not expecting to make it there on this trip but we did and it was awesome!! We first went to Mt. Hood National Forest and walked/wandered around the forest. It was incredibly lush and mossy and vibrant green. Tons of mushrooms and fallen trees. The trees were giant!! We then made it to the Timberline Lodge which is a ski area/at the base of Mt. Hood. There was decent snow coverage but not that much. It was really beautiful and amazing to get to experience the mountains on the West Coast. Mt. Hood has multiple glaciers on top of it and it’s actually a volcano, pretty cool geology. On Sunday evening, we went to Ned Ludd for dinner where we got a taste of local Portland food. The restaurant was super cozy and everything is cooked in a wood fired oven. Highly recommend. Oregon is an awesome place and Portland is a super cool city! So much to do there. It was a great vacation/travel experience.

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St. Mary’s Glacier

This weekend we went to a glacier!! Well a semi-permanent ice field but still cool. It was our first time at St. Mary’s. There was barely any snow but enough worth hiking to! Also there were a bunch of little waterfalls and streams from the melting snow. All the foliage was yellow and red, except for the evergreens which never cease to amaze me. I’ve said it a million times but I absolutely loveeee the fall colors in the mountains!! Although fall is a season of dying it makes me really appreciate how alive everything really is and how alive I am. St. Marys glacier was a short but rocky hike to a lake surrounded by peaks (James peak being one of them) then you can hike up to the “glacial field”. It’s near Idaho Springs west of Indian Peaks and James Peaks Wilderness areas. We hiked to the snow field and around the lake. It was so much fun!! I love going to new places. There were sooo many cute dogs, Waldo had so much fun and was so well behaved. His favorite thing is going hiking and seeing other people and sniffing other dogs. To get there we went through Golden and on I-70 but on the way back we went through Central City & Blackhawk and Rollinsville & Nederland for a different route and especially to get our smoky chicken noodles from the barbecue stand. Such a fun weekend with my adventure boys!! We capped the weekend with a trip to Sanitas brewery which has the best chill patio near the train tracks here in Boulder. We both got Bière de Gardes that were so delicious. It’s one of our favorite types of craft beer yet it’s difficult to find so we had to jump on it!! We’re having Tyler’s famous homemade pizza tonight, it’s seriously the best pizza I’ve had hands down and we make everything from scratch!! We love our food processor (seriously the best kitchen appliance ever) and our baking steel. It was a great October weekend! I have been in such a fall mood yet I have not bought one pumpkin flavored item lol. It’s festive and all but it’s seriously getting wayy overkill with all the pumpkin stuff (like seriously every single thing is pumpkin everywhere). We are sooo not ready for the weekend to be over but it’ll be here again before we know it! Now that I’m a full time working adult it feels like the work week is such a grind and everything revolves around the weekend, guess that’s what adult life is like! 

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